VW Caddy Van Rat-look Signwriting

VW Caddy Van Rat-look Signwriting‘Twas a pleasure to have Dean from South Wales drive down in his VW Mk2 caddy to get some signwriting done the other day. He was in need of 2 large Gulf logos on each side, 1 smaller logo on the back, and a race number on each door, all to look aged to match the vehicle. It was a good day in the sun, with tea, biscuits and beer. At the end of the day, after taking photos, Dean drove home. I was sad to see it leave, Dean is a good chap and I’d got really attached to the van, it’s such a nice, bright, low, mean looking, tasty beast. With cool wheels. And signwriting.


VW Caddy Van Rat-look SignwritingHandpainted Gulf logos and race number