Volga race car signwriting

In the summer of 2014 I attended an international signwriters convention called ‘What The Dickens!’ in Rochester, Kent. On the Saturday I was given the task of signwriting a car for charity, a Russian built Volga. The bonnet had been replaced and I needed to replicate the logo and number from the previous bonnet onto the new one. I soon realised that this was a task not usually attempted in one day so recruited some help from fellow signwriters Lee Jones and Wes Sailorboy, roping them into some Volga race car signwriting. We spent the day with all three of us leaning over the bonnet racing to finish it. Around us other vintage and modern vehicles were also being painted and it was overall an enjoyable but hard working day.


Volga race car signwriting signwriter painting

Volga race car signwriting signwriters laughing

Mike Meyer pushing Volga Mike Meyer pushing Volga

Volga race car signwriting Volga race car