Polpette – shop sign & chalkboard



Canford Cliffs, Poole

The shopfitters at Polpette pizza installed some aged metal sheeting to their fascia and varnished it as a background to their shop sign. I hand lettered the Polpette logo on using 1shot lettering enamel. Theres a bit of a long (and probably boring) to this one about the pounce pattern getting lost at Waterloo station. It was pounced onto paper in Slough, made its way to London and I lost it in Waterloo station by the ticket machines (i think). The long story is about the effort I put in to trying to find it again, unfortunately I didnt find it again. Once back in Bournemouth I re-drew the logo from scratch. I also painted a chalkboard for the chef’s specials on the wall inside the building. Polpette is a lovely restaurant in Canford Cliffs specializing in true Italian stone baked pizzas. I’m sure its worth mentioning that while I was painting the chalkboard the environmental health inspector showed up, did her checks and gave them a five star rating : )

DSC_0066 DSC_0072


Southbourne, Bournemouth

Approximately a year after the first Polpette openened in Canford Cliffs I got the call regarding a second restaurant opening local to me in Southbourne, Bournemouth. The first job was to paint the fascia, again on rusted and lacquered steel, and to create a blackboard on an interior wall and signwrite the Polpette logo onto it. Later I painted an interior mural, a white on grey painting of the bay of Naples, and lettered an exterior sign protruding from the shop front. Polpette has really won me  over with the pizzas they produce, extremely high quality with fresh ingredients. I hope that more Southbourne shops will opt to have traditional signwriting as it really suits the village feel of the area. Being a Southbourne signwriter it’s a pleasure to work on the Grove and enjoyed this job thoroughly.