Devon Belle Pullman Carriage Signwriting

I’m often called on by my local heritage railway, Swanage Railway, to signwrite for them. Usually it’s when a loco is being restored or they need a small sign made. This time it was a new one for me, some Pullman carriage signwriting. This particular Pullman is a Devon Belle Observation Car, only two were made and this one spent a lot of time in America being used as a restaurant before being brought back to the UK. I went about researching the carriage and found only one black and white photo, from before it had undergone previous (incorrect) restorations. The longest part of the job, the Pullman crests, were painted over 6 days. Previously it had printed stickers for the crests and the lettering was cut-vinyl using an incorrect font. I hand-drew the lettering as it would have been originally and painted it onto the sides, plus the lining, while the main carriage restorers worked on the inside, the main decorating work, windows and all mechanical aspects. It took around 4 months of full time work, my part being around 10 long days. It’s now running up and down the line between Norden and Swanage.