Antique Restoration – Victorian Safe

A local gentleman (also) called Steve contacted me, asking if I could put the finishing touches on a safe he’s been restoring. He’s very interested in antique restoration, and has many clocks he’s restored and machinery like engineering lathes. He’s stripped the rust and remaining paint, painted it and hand-cut new keys. As it’s so heavy he also created a trolley to wheel it round on, ramp to get it in and out of the house, and a lever system to put it on its back and upright again. It was originally brought into the house with a crane. Steve (very helpfully) created a computer mock up of the design that was painted onto the safe, by studying what little was left of the design before repainting the safe. I used the mock up and photographs to replicate the design using signwriting enamel. We were both very pleased with how it came out. We talked steam trains, shared pizza. It’s a job I’ll always remember.

1800s Safe- Antique Restoration1800s Safe- Antique Restoration
Restoration of antique Victorian safeRestoration of antique Victorian safe